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Grocery Store List (shorter version)

Going to the grocery store can be overwhelming. I know this sounds very tedious what i'm about to tell you, but it will forever make a difference once you get the hang of it. Following these little steps and tips can make grocery shopping go much smoother and will eventually help you save money in the long run. IN ORDER TO MAKE A CHANGE YOU HAVE GOT TO PUT THE WORK IN (then it will eventually become second nature).

Pick a day and try to stick to it, this helps the process. Before grocery shopping get a notebook, sit down and draw out what you will be going to make for the week. I look in the freezer so see what proteins/vegetables I have in there. Create recipes by what is going to expire first. By taking the time to lay out what you need actually helps so much throughout the week and saving time. If I see that I have ground turkey in there I usually create recipes for the week with what I already have so I am not over buying. It is time consuming to figure everything out but trust me if you take the time in doing so, it is only going to make your week much easier. You can then add on any snacks you want or ones you know you like. I feel that doing this makes you able to change up your meals since you are prepping it in advance. I know there are families who like to have white boards that you can write the meals on each week to keep it fun for kids as well! But it also helps keep track of 3 meals a day / every day. These steps also help in meal prepping. Even if it is just meal prepping snacks for the week to make easy on the go items.

I find this guides me in making sure I have what I need and also helps me from spending $$ on stuff I do not need. When I go to the grocery store I try to keep it as cheap as possible.

Everyone's list can vary, we all have different dietary needs and different foods that we choose to our liking. This list I have below is very simple, so I try to keep seasoning and everything else as simple as possible.

Another question that I get a lot is what's the difference between frozen or fresh vegetables. Fresh has more nutrition value since they are usually picked at their peak. But that being said frozen can be just as good. Especially when it is not the right time for that vegetable to be in season, frozen is then the way to go. Frozen is a great, healthy alternative to fresh. When I was in college and shopping for one I found that getting frozen vegetables was the most convenient and most cost effective. And with the vegetables being frozen they have a longer shelf life, which helps in making sure they aren't going bad. As well as making it easier so you aren't going to the grocery store every week.


1.Plan what you’re having for the week

2. If you have a lot of a certain food, try to incorporate them in many meals throughout the week.

3.Figure out the must haves that you always keep in the kitchen.

4.On a different piece of paper or in the notes section on your phone, look at everything and make a list in coordination where everything is in the grocery store.

Tips for going to the grocery store:

-Go alone (sometimes shopping with kids and others can be hard and they'll want to put whatever they want in cart)

-Do not go to grocery store hungry (you'll tend to buy anything that looks yummy instead of sticking to list)

-start with the outskirts of the store and then work your way down the aisles.

-Hit the produce/fresh isle first this should take up most of your cart! (stay tuned for some ways to make sure the produce doesn't go bad)

-Have a list and stick to it

-Know what essentials you need (pasta, meat to put in freezer, etc)

-READ the food label

-Pay attention to added sugars

-Stick to ingredients that you know

-If there is flavored foods see if you're able to add them in yourself. (example; if you want strawberry yogurt, if you are able to buy plain yogurt and put fresh strawberries in there yourself. Yogurts that are flavored tend to be artificial which can have more added sugars.)

-Have a carb, protein, vegetable and fruits for every meal (this helps you “eat the rainbow”)

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