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Welcome :) 

I earned my bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Wellness. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Blogger & Recipe Developer.

I live in Massachusetts. I love moving my body. My go to workouts are strength training, walking, cycle classes + yoga/meditation. Advocate for fueling the body with wholesome foods. Coffee lover, wine lover, dog lover, people person. I smile + laugh a lot at my own jokes. When i'm not at the studio you can catch me with my friends or on the boat! :D

Absolutely fell in love with Nutrition & Wellness, after suffering from two knee surgeries, food sensitivities, constant bloating & foggy mind. Who knew that most was caused by not properly fueling the body. I focus on the holistic approach. I used Nutrition & Wellness to find myself and life purpose.

 Being able to educate people what it means to feel your best self, is my true passion. Finding out how to connect your mind and body together as one, having that energy to get you through your day. This is our own body, our lives, we only live once so lets make it be the best. 

I specialize in finding the right exercises/workouts | meeting energy needs | finding specifics for body type | portion control | affordable meal ideas | steps towards healthy lifestyle. 

Be powerful, feel your best.

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